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Golden visa

Why in Greece

In Greece, investment opportunities are abundant and attractive, in a wide variety of sectors. Greece’s massive reform efforts are opening new investment frontiers that reward both first movers and established investors.

An outward-looking economy that is focused on long-term growth means that investors can look forward to highly favorable returns. As a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, Greece is the economic hub of Southeast Europe, an ideal gateway to the Middle East, Western Europe, and North Africa, and an emerging logistics hub for the entire region.

The next decade is set to see sustained growth in tourism, ICT, energy, environmental sciences, food, beverage and agriculture, logistics, and life sciences. Greece’s geostrategic position, it’s exceptional human capital that can successfully handle everyday issues of the globalised economy and the advanced infrastructure are attracting investor’s interest from all around the world.

A big part of the above investors focus on the Greek real estate market. The ongoing growth of the short term leases (via Airbnb or other relevant web platforms) and the Golden visa program are key factors of the above interest.

Especially by the Golden visa program a third country citizen that buys real estate property of at least 250.000 euro is at the same time eligible to get the golden visa. A Golden visa holder can freely enter and stay in Greece for 5 years and can also travel in the other European countries for six months each year. The above visa can be renewed each time for another 5 years provided that the holder of the visa is still the owner of the property.

20 Dec: Golden Visa

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