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Investing in real estate in Greece 2021

Greece is a country of an unsurpassed turquoise sea and beaches with golden sand, awarded with “Blue Flags” by the EU for their cleanness and safety, so an increased demand of investors for purchase and construction of real estate located on the coastline and not far from popular vacation spots is quite logical.

Investing in real estate in Greece is one of the most profitable investment types.


Where to Invest

1. Hotel Business

Investments in the hospitality industry in Greece are one of the most profitable investments. The growth in profitability of resort real estate is guaranteed in Greece for many years to come, while the pricing dynamics allow enjoying significant benefits from the property, even within a year after the purchase. However, the re-sale is not the most profitable investment option.

2. A ready Business

A profitable investment project in Greece is the purchase of ready-made businesses. The success of such type of investment is guaranteed by a wide variety of additional services, such as legal assistance, related to the registration, re-registration, liquidation of legal entities, consulting services, audits, business appraisal, and evaluation, and brokerage services.

3. Commercial and residential real estate

One of the most profitable investments is the acquisition of commercial premises and residential real estate with the purpose of further resale or leasing. Our Company, Downtown Properties disposes a wide variety of such types of offers, ranging from new buildings in the first construction fund, and up to premises that require complete renovation or reconstruction.